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Mens sana icorpore sano. A healthy mind in a healthy body. This is the founding principle of ICS School, a new school on the Côte d'Azur, which has been designed to balance morning study with afternoon sports or arts practice. We follow the American curriculum from Grade 6 through to Grade 12 to thoroughly prepare our students for university and life after high school. Our in-depth experience and knowledge of working with high level athletes ensure that our students can balance academic success with their sporting or artistic life without compromise in order to achieve their full potential.

About Us

  • Personalised accelerated learning 
  • International community 
  • Morning school
  • No "wasted" time
  • Broad education
  • Guidance through university and college application process
  • Personalised learning environment 
  • Experience of working with high level athletes
  • Freedom to choose clubs/ trainers/ activities which fit with you
  • Based on principles of hard-work, determination, respect, integrity, effort
  • Focus on real fluency in English and French (option to work towards DELF &/ or TOEIC certification)
  • A healthy, creative environment
  • Focus on reading and literacy
  • Experienced, passionate and committed teaching professionals
  • Balanced educational approach

Important to know


Students do their core academic courses from 8-12 each morning (Monday- Friday). Core courses at ICS are English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and French.

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The five core academic courses take place in the morning. In the afternoons, students may train at a club of their choice or take part in a number of interesting and varied activities at ICS School. Take a look at what's on offer.

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American Program

At ICS School, we follow the American curriculum. Greater emphasis is placed upon continuous assessment, which in our experience, encourages students to work in a more consistent and regular manner.

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After High School Graduation

We help all of our students through the college and university application process.

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Work hard, respect yourself and others, strive to do your best, support each other, learn from your mistakes, know when to speak up, be all in, commit. This is what we are all about.

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Making it Personal

Our students have one thing in common; they are all unique. We know that when working with young, original minds it's important to keep things personal, relevant and interesting.

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Practical Information - School Fees

Middle School (Grade 6-8) - 11,000 euros High School (Grade 9-12) - 12,000 euros

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Practical Information- Location

Campus of Centre International de Valbonne

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  • CIV 190 Rue Frédéric Mistral 06560 Valbonne, France


Our mission is to create a learning environment that will allow our students to thrive intellectually and personally. We truly value our teachers. We are always interested in hearing from enthusiastic, creative, adaptable educators who are able to work in France. Our core subjects are English, Math, Social Studies (History, Geography), Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and French.

Send your CV  to info.ics.school@gmail.com and an email about yourself and we'll be in touch.


Caroline Hainault


Suzanne Stannard




Full boarding is available on campus.

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We partner with several local sports clubs and trainers.

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We can help you prepare for SAT, ACT, AP, TOEIC, TOEFL and DELF exams. Contact us for more details.


We accept children enrolling for Grade 6 - Grade 12. To enroll at ICS School, your child should already have completed at least 5 years at school.
Classes (with the exception of French) are taught in English. Regardless of the student's English level upon entry, we will provide the necessary language support for them to fully integrate in class.
Afternoon activities can be off-site and arranged by parents or on-site at school. Take a look at the afternoon activities which we currently offer. Students must have a purposeful afternoon program approved by us.
To start the enrolment process please complete your details below and we'll be in touch with you soon.

Language Camps


Improve your English with an intensive language course tailored to your level. We teach students who are complete beginners, intermediate learners as well as advanced students. Students will develop speaking, writing, listening and reading skills in a practical, enjoyable and personalised way. Courses are available for students from 11 years of age. Courses for adults are also available.

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Beginner, intermediate and advanced students will develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a personalised, practical and enjoyable way. Courses will be tailored and adapted to your experience, level and your language goals. Courses are available year in the afternoons round and intensive week-long language courses run during school vacation. These intensive courses are the ideal way to boost your language!

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