Because class sizes are small, we often cover the core material more quickly than in conventional schools allowing us to address specific student needs in a more individualised way.

English from middle school to high school covers reading (fiction, non-fiction, old and modern), writing and oracy. Research, active listening, presenting and negotiating 

Mathematics courses followed will be based on what a student has already studied and ensure that their is sufficient mastery and stretch for all students.

Students study one major scientific subject per year from Earth Science, Life Science and Physical Science in middle school to Biology, Chemistry and Physics in High School.

Social Studies classes cover the past, and how the past informs our present and future. Along with English, students work on literacy skills, presenting, research and project work. They become comfortable n presenting to a group and in giving and receiving feedback.

French classes are adapted to the individual student's level whether that is as a complete beginner or as a bilingual student. Small class sizes ensure that all students actively participate - a vital component in language acquisition!

All courses are aligned to Common Core Standards.